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6 Common Reasons Why Homeowners Sell to a Real Estate Investor Part 2

In this two-part article, the real estate investors at Quick Turn Properties, LLC, are discussing some of the most common reasons why homeowners elect to quickly sell their home. In the first part, we covered cash-strapped homeowners, owners that need to move quickly to another city, and the unfortunate circumstances of a couple divorcing and trying to get their finances in order.

In this second part, we will discuss homeowners that acquired their house through an inheritance, are tired of renting, or are forced to sell due to foundation issues. Remember, if you are experiencing any of these scenarios, speak with a reliable homebuyer that proudly says, “We buy houses for cash in Hernando County, FL!”    

4. You Were Gifted a Home

Although gaining a home through an inheritance may sound like an amazing acquisition, in many cases, it may be more of a hassle than a reward. For example, if you receive an undesirable home from a family member and you have no intentions of living in the home, you may still be required to pay property taxes, insurance on the home, as well as many other expenses in order to maintain the property. If you would prefer to simply move on from the home you inherited, we can assist you.  

5. Landlord Homeowners   

Many homeowners are interested in selling, but elect to hold onto a home a little longer and lease it out for extra income. If you do this, you may be in for a rude awakening when you have tenants that are delinquent on monthly payments or damage the property. Of course, renting out a home can be an extremely time-consuming task and if you hire a property manager, you’ll be forking over more money straight out of your pocket. If you have tried to sell and the traditional real estate market wasn’t interested, contact a reputable homebuyer.    

6. Compromised Homes

Many homeowners simply need to move on from their home because it’s become a safety and health risk. Whether it’s water or fire damage, a leaky roof, or a harmful airborne health hazard like mold or asbestos, if you have a compromised home that is putting you and your loved ones in a dangerous environment, you can contact a real estate investor. At Quick Turn Properties, we buy houses for cash in Hernando County, FL, regardless of the condition.

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