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6 Signs That You Have a Bad Real Estate Agent Part 1

If you have a nice home in a great neighborhood with plenty of capital to make the necessary repairs and the cash flow to wait three months to a year to sell your home, the traditional real estate market may be right for you. However, even if you have the ideal home in a seller’s market, sometimes you may hire a bad real estate agent. Although your home has many selling points, if it’s marketed poorly, it won’t matter.

In this two-part article series, we are discussing many of the qualities, or lack thereof, of a bad real estate agent. Whether they’re unprofessional, inexperienced, pushy, or a bad negotiator, the wrong agent can compromise the sale of your home. Remember, if you are saying, “sell my house for cash in Hernando County, FL,” Quick Turn Properties is the home buying service that will purchase your home and give you cash in as little as seven days. No hassles, no gimmicks, we buy homes in every condition.

They’re Not a “Real” Real Estate Agent

Many people elect to hire a relative to sell their home. Others hire a friend or acquaintance that does real estate sales as a side gig. Regardless of how you know this person, if they aren’t a full-time agent, chances are there are times they cannot drop everything they are doing and show your home to a potential buyer.

They’re Not Experienced

Does your real estate agent know your neighborhood? Have they worked in the price range of your home? Do they typically sell property like your home? If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then you need to find a professional that specializes in your type of sale and understands your local market.

They’re Not Proactive

You should never find yourself saying to your real estate agent, “Please sell my house now in Hernando County, FL.” A good agent doesn’t need direction and will be proactive in selling your home. They should also provide you with insight into the process. A great agent is a leader, not a “yes man,” and they will politely challenge some of your ideas. For example, a proactive agent will have a better grip on the listing price for your home and will have already done the research to support this figure.

Of course, finding a great real estate agent can be a real challenge. That’s why many of our clients that are looking to quickly sell their home, or own an undesirable home, elect to work with Quick Turn Properties, the company that buys houses fast in Hernando County. For more signs of a bad real estate agent, please read section two.

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