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6 Signs That You Have a Bad Real Estate Agent Part 2

There are many qualities, or lack thereof, of a bad real estate agent. When you entrust your home to be sold on the traditional market, you need a competent professional to represent you or else your home can sit there collecting dust. Of course, with overhead costs and anxiety, a house sitting on the market for a long time can greatly impact your bank account and peace of mind. That’s why many homeowners that want to sell a home fast in Citrus County, FL, elect to partner with a homebuying service that offers them an honest solution for their selling needs. At Quick Turn Properties, we give cash for homes in Citrus County, FL.

In the first section of this two-part article series, we discussed bad real estate agents that either lack experience, are not proactive, or are not a full-time agent. Any of these scenarios can add stress to the home selling process regardless of how nice your home is. In this section, we will discuss other signs that you hired a bad agent.

They’re Listing Price is Inaccurate

As we discussed last section, you never want an agent that is a “yes man.” In some cases, a homeowner can have an idea of what they want for their home; however, it doesn’t align with the market value for the home. Sometimes the agent will follow suit and list the home at that price or suggest the highest possible price for your home. Of course, once the home sits on the market for a long time, you reduce the price to something more realistic. The bad news is that you racked up a lot of wasted expenses keeping the house “show ready” all those months it was listed too high.

They’re Unprofessional

Great real estate agents always exemplify characteristics of the consummate professional. This begins with listening to the homeowner and their concerns. Some agents simply have too much on their plate and they are late to appointments, don’t email you back promptly, and fail to show you the attention you deserve. What is their physical appearance like? Are they appropriately dressed? Do they email or text you with well-worded responses that are grammatically correct? Keep in mind that their personal “brand” impacts the sale of your home.

Are They Likable?

There are many professions in which you do not have to personally like the person you employ for the task; however, real estate is not one of them. Selling your home comes with many stressors and one of them should not be your agent’s personality. If you can’t stand contacting your agent or would rather avoid them, imagine how your prospective buyers feel.

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