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How to Protect Your Vacant House

If you had no time to sell your house before you moved, you inherited a house, or your renters moved out, you likely have a vacant house on your hands. Vacant homes are inviting to burglars, delinquents, and vandals, leaving you to clean up the mess and replace stolen items. If you have a vacant property and want to sell it fast, we pay cash for homes in Citrus County, FL.

In this article, we offer some suggestions to help you protect your home while it’s vacant. Although many of these tips may be helpful for your vacant home, it may be best to remove the hassle of owning a vacant home and partner with a house-buying service that can offer you a fair price for your vacant home. If you are interested in learning more about the company that buys houses for cash in Citrus County, FL, contact Quick Turn Properties LLC today.

Keep Up the Exterior

A broken latch on a window can look like an invitation for a trespasser to enter your vacant home. Maintaining the exterior of the house and the yard lets people know that someone is watching your home and it isn’t forgotten. Closing any window shades and adding a motion light also give the sense that there may still be someone at your house. Of course, keeping up the condition of the exterior of the home can be a time-consuming task.

Install a Security System

Modern security systems help deter criminals, and if they insist on entering the property, the system could help you catch them. Digital video and alerts sent to your phone in real time can make you aware of any trouble at your vacant property as it happens. Don’t forget to place signs in the window or yard, noting the use of the security system as a deterrent. If you have an undesirable home, you should weigh the pros and cons of investing in an expensive security system compared to selling your vacant home.

Check Your Insurance

If someone does manage to break into your vacant house, your insurance may not cover it. Some home insurance policies don’t cover losses after the home stands vacant for a month, meaning you could be the one paying for damages or losses in your vacant home. Although you should check with your insurance company to see what coverage you can keep on the house, it may be best to move on and shift your focus to your current home.

An Alternative

If it becomes too much upkeep to own a vacant house, you may consider selling your house. If your home is vacant because you already tried to sell it with no luck, you still have options. Quick Turn Properties LLC pays cash for homes in Citrus County, FL. We make cash offers with a quick turnaround to help you get rid of your unwanted house.

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