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Reasons To Sell

Need money fast?

Have you found yourself in a pinch and need access to the equity you’ve built in your home? Unfortunately, you might not be in a situation to wait 6 to 8 months trying to sell your house through a realtor, you need the money now. We can help!

Clients sell us their properties for a variety of reasons, but the #1 reason is that they would like to get a quick offer and not have to deal with the hassle of listing a property, showing it, keeping is unrealistically clean for months, dealing with Realtors, and then paying thousands of dollars in commissions. See how much we can offer for your home. 

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Payments More Than You Can Afford?

When you first purchased your home, the payments may have been affordable. Sometimes things happen in life that can impact your financial position. If you have recently gone through a separation or lost a source of income, you may not be able to afford your full mortgage payment anymore. 

If you have tried your best, and no longer have time to make up the payments, you need our experience. This is what we do… we help families get back on track financially. If you have been stressing about your bills and wondering what other options you have, then you’re in the right place. We can offer you a fair offer on your home to help put more money in your pocket fast. 

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Stuck With Bad Tenants?

Some people have no consideration when it comes to other people’s belongings! Lack of maintenance or pure negligence of your property can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Whether you became a landlord intentionally, or as a result of not being able to sell your house, having a bad tenant can very quickly become a nightmare. From the damage to your property, constant excuses for not paying rent on time, to the late night calls for repairs; a bad tenant can very quickly drive you crazy. Let us help you out of this sticky situation.

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Going Through a Divorce?

Although most people do not enter into a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, unfortunately, this is a reality for many families. Maybe the both of you may want out of the house, or possibly one party has already moved out, leaving the other responsible for the full mortgage payment.

We understand how difficult this time may be and can offer you some assistance.

We can help you with your real estate problems. We are investors and can pay you a fair price for your property so you don’t have to wait weeks, months, or even longer for a buyer to come around.

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Unable to Sell Your House?

Did your real estate agent tell you great stories about how they would sell your house for you in no time and at an amazing price? Is it not working out that way now? 

What you really need now is an experienced real estate professional, and that’s where we can help. We aren’t interested in re-listing your house, we are interested in buying it! Our reputation has been built over the years for our quick action and fair prices. 

You just want honesty and results, and that’s what we will give you!

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Facing Foreclosure?

Have you received a notice of foreclusure on your home? You need to act fast! No matter what your financial situation is whether you lost your job or are dealing with health problems, or anything else out of your control, unfortunately your lender does not care. If only there were other ways to avoid it.

We are problem solvers when it comes to real estate, and we just might be able to bring you the solution you have been hoping for! We aren’t like most real estate agencies that just want to list your house and then you wait, instead we are real estate investors. We know how to provide clear, fair solutions, and how to act quickly.

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Are You Dealing With Fire Damage?

One moment everything is fine, and next you know, your house is on fire. Even if there were no lives loss, it is still a traumatizing event. Your house is ruined, and your possessions are lost.

On top of the emotinal stress, you now have to deal with insurance adjusters, city officials, and contractors that never show up on time, if they show up at all.

If you are contemplating selling your property, you need someone who can see the true value of property and look past the damage. We are professional investors and we can do just that. 

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Vacant House Woes?

Has your vacant house become a burden? Crime rates are going up these days, and no matter how hard you try, it is a challenge to deter vandals from your property if no one is home. It does not take long at all to destroy years of careful maintenance and care; vandals can destroy a property in minutes. To make things worse, a lot of insurance companies have “fine print” that excludes vandalism from your coverage. 

Is all of the worrying about your vacant property getting to you? That’s where we can help, we see the value in your house, even if it’s a “fixer upper.” We’ll act fast, and we’ll give you a fair price for your investment. 

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Suddenly Need To Move?

Life has a way of turning your plans upside down. Whether you need to move quickly for a new job opportunity, to care for close relatives, or just need to get out of your mortgage fast, we can help.

The problem with needing to move quickly is often times selling through a real estate agent can take several months to find a qualified buyer, and “dumping” your house for an extremely low price just to expedite the process is not an option. But how can you move quickly, and still get a good price for your house? That is where we come in! We are experts in situations just like this! 

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Burdened With Liens Or Judgements?

Are you being heckled by creditors who have put liens or judgements on your property, and just won’t stop? Sometimes these creditors can become too much. We have dealt with situations just like this before, and we know how to handle them!

It’s time for the creditors to leave you alone! You have rights, and you should know the options you have available to get these burdens removed from your property. Let us help solve this problem.

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No matter your circumstances, we can help!