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What to Do If Your Home Has Sinkhole Damage

Spring Hill, FL, is located in an area known as sinkhole alley, named so for being one of the worst areas for sinkholes in the Sunshine State. Inhabitants of Spring Hill know that a sinkhole could potentially swallow up their homes and their lives without warning. If you’re reading this article, there’s a chance that you’re stuck in a home with sinkhole damage. At Quick Turn Properties, LLC, we buy homes for cash in Spring Hill, FL. Read on to see how burdensome owning a home with sinkhole damage can be and how you can rid yourself of such a dangerous property.


A home can always be repaired or replaced; your loved ones can’t be. The first thing you should do is ensure that you and your family are safe. Without putting yourself in danger, mark off the area so that no one is injured and be sure to keep pets and children away. You should evacuate the property if the sinkhole is large enough to affect the home in any way and call your insurance company. Local government agencies, local Sheriff’s Offices, and Emergency Management Offices may be able to assist, too.

A Black Hole of Repairs

In Florida, insurance companies are required to offer protection from catastrophes like sinkholes; however, that might not always be the case. And there’s no guarantee that insurance coverage will be an end-all to your problems. The coverage provided by insurance may not be enough to adequately fill a sinkhole and repair all of the structural and cosmetic damage it caused. If you don’t have insurance, repairing sinkhole damage could cost anywhere from ten thousand to a hundred thousand dollars.   

Don’t Dig Yourself Deeper

Florida Statute 627.7073 requires that home sellers disclose information to buyers regarding prior sinkhole claims on a property. Even if a sinkhole has been properly repaired, savvy homebuyers are going to stay far away from homes that have anything to do with sinkholes. Don’t let this stop you from selling. At Quick Turn Properties, LLC, we buy homes fast in Spring Hill, FL, including those with sinkhole damage. The difficulties of selling a home with sinkhole damage shouldn’t keep you from living in the home you deserve. Whether your yard is settling or your walls are cracking, contact us today for an instant offer.

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