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What To Do If Your Home Has Termites

Finding out that your home is infested by termites can throw your entire household into a frenzy. Termites are eusocial insects that work together to grow their colonies. These colonies can range from a few hundred termites to a few million, and even more shocking, their queens have been observed to live for as long as fifty years. In other words, all termite infestations are serious and should be taken seriously. You can even see 4,000-year-old termite mounds on Google Maps. Talk about resiliency!

In this short article, the cash home buying professionals at Quick Turn Properties, LLC will discuss what you can do if your home is infested by termites. Remember, a termite issue can grow worse over the years, and in some cases, this issue will compromise your ability to sell your home on the traditional real estate market. Fortunately, we buy houses for cash in Citrus County, FL.

Remove Materials that Attract Termites

Termites tend to compound and get worse over time, which means the first thing you should do if you discover that you have termites is remove any objects that could potentially attract more pests. For example, a stack of firewood lined up against the exterior wall of your house is essentially an invitation for termites to come feast. Wood mulch and shrubbery that touches your house are also known to attract termites. By removing these items, you help ensure that vagabond termites are dissuaded from entering your home. However, this is only a stopgap solution to a growing problem. If you want to fight back against these home invaders you should call a termite professional.

Consult a Professional

If your home is infested with termites, there’s only one real solution to eradicating the problem entirely: calling a termite exterminator. Unfortunately, even if you do call a professional, there’s no guarantee that your infestation will be exterminated completely. This is because termites are notoriously hard to kill, and those left behind often have access to enough food and supplies to eventually rebuild their colony. However, exterminators do give you the highest probability of ridding your home of these hungry pests; unless, of course, you decide to sell your home.

Sell Your House to a Professional Home Investor

If your home has been overtaken by termites, your best bet may be to cut your losses and sell your home fast for cash. Professional home investors like Quickturn Properties, LLC specialize in purchasing old and damaged homes. Even if your home has been compromised by termites, our homebuyers will do everything in their power to give you a fast, free estimate to help you part ways with your home with cash in your pocket.

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